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We accept cash, checks and credit cards.

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  1. How do I get to the farm?
  2. What is provide?
  3. How do I pay?
  4. How much does it cost?
  5. What is available at your farm?
  6. What is the farm hours?
  7. What type of trees do you have?

How do I get to the farm?

Contacts and Maps

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What is provided?

1.  Hayrides will take you into the fields and bring you and your tree back.

2.  We furnish bow saws, you will not need to bring a chainsaw, axe, or other saws to cut your tree.

3.  Complimentary apple cider or coffee in the barn next to a warm fire.

4.  Clean restroom with baby changing table.

5.  There is also a picnic area and tables.

6.  We shake and clean all the trees free.

7.  We wrap each tree free.

8.  A maze for the kids and adults.

9.  Farm Zoo

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How do I pay?

We accept cash, personal check and Credit Cards with proper ID.  YES we accept out of town checks with proper ID.

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How much does it cost?

We price each tree individually.  There is no guess work on how tall a tree is and how much it will be.  We tag each tree with a perforated two part tags to help identify your tree and you will know how much it costs.  Our choose and cut trees range from $5 and up per foot (average $8 per foot) according to size and shape.  We grade each tree to set price per foot.  Large perfect trees are more than small imperfect trees.  There is no charge for the hayride, apple cider, coffee, tree netting, tree shaking and the memories which will last a life time.

We have three different options on cost.  We provide a tour which give you all farm activities and also allows you to pick a pumpkin from the patch for $8.  The second tour available is called a ride along tour which give you the activities but no pumpkin for $3.  Great way to save money.  We also have a farmers market setup where you can buy individual pumpkin's, gourd's, Indian corn and many other specialty items.  For more details on pricing go to Pumpkin Patch link.

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What is available at your farm?

1.  Great trees, the freshest in town.

2.  Pumpkin Patch field trips during October.

3.  Beautiful fresh wreathes made daily, watch them being made.

4.  Hand made arts and crafts.

5.  A wood caver on site on weekend to find a Santa Claus in your tree stump.

6.  A country atmosphere with awesome customer service.

7.  Quality tree stands and other "Holiday things".

8.  Christmas field trips are held weekdays for school children. They begin the week after Thanksgiving,   reservations required.

9.  Professional wood carver on site on weekends during Christmas.

10.  A 50' X 50' wood constructed maze.

11.  A farm zoo.

12.  Face Paint Artist on weekends during October Pumpkin Patch.  (Nominal Fee)

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What is the farm hours?

Christmas  Tree Hours:
We open the Friday after Thanksgiving from 10am until 5pm
We are open weekdays 3pm until 5pm
Saturday 10am until 5pm
Sunday 1pm until 5pm
We are open every full weekend in October,
 Saturday's 10am - 5pm, Sunday's 1pm - 5pm.
 We also schedule tours during the week by
 appointment only for school's and other organizations.
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What type of trees do you have?

Tree Types.

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